Our team's experience in information security spans from the mischief of the mid-80s to today's open cyber conflict. Including spending much of the past decade working with U.S. federal government organizations to mature Security Operations Centers for some of the largest, most contested networks in the world.

We are pioneers at delivering advanced Cybersecurity Intelligence to Security Operations; and have expanded our focus to apply our core competencies to the commercial, private sector.

We welcome the opportunity to bring improved Situational Awareness and advanced Contextual Reasoning to your Cyber Defense and Cyber Security Operations efforts. 


Managing Director

Scott Foote     CISSP | CCSP | CISM | CISA | CRISC

Scott is a senior executive and entrepreneur, with more than 30 years of experience in the technology industry, from Fortune 500 companies to startups. His technical experience ranges from cyber security technologies (authentication, authorization, auditing, hunting, active defense, etc.), to operating system kernel technologies, to packaged commercial applications such as SCADA, B2B and CRM solutions. His commercial experience spans the product lifecycle, with a specific focus on complex systems engineering and solution roadmap planning – including operational prototyping, rapid-growth product evolution, market adaptation, derivative product strategy, and next generation rollout and migration. 


Managing Director, Client Engagements

John Bernardi 

John is a seasoned marketing and operations executive, with decades of experience in the technology industry. His background includes partnering, product management, marketing, and operational leadership. John has a unique talent for identifying new technology opportunities, and developing and executing practical plans for entering emergent markets worldwide. Throughout his career, he has achieved strong and sustainable revenue, market, and profit contributions in new markets through expertise in technology, business development, organizational development, and performance management. Phenomenati is leveraging John's repeated success at delivering first of kind solutions in challenging new markets.