PHENOMENATI Cyber ShadowBreaker™ Service

Have you identified the specific Risks to your business that may result from different types of cyber attacks?  Every organization’s risk management and cyber security strategies should be driven by fundamental risk scenarios like these. 

Phenomenati’s ShadowBreaker Service uses advanced, non-traditional Business Impact Analyses (BIA) to identify and evaluate the potential impact to critical business operations that may result from a cyber attack and/or compromise.

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The initial Phase maps your business or mission. Identifying your organization’s mission-critical information and its dependencies upon related systems and networks. Sometimes referred to as “Cyber Key Terrain”.  Contact us to learn more about our traditional, and non-traditional, approaches to capturing knowledge about your mission-critical dependencies.



The next Phase includes the development of specific Risk Scenarios.  Each identifying credible Threats to actual Vulnerabilities in your mission-critical information and infrastructure. Leveraging both vulnerability assessments and current cyber threat intelligence.



The final Phase evaluates and prioritizes the specific Risks to your business operations, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Clearly identifying which Risks have the most credible potential for severe impact to the organization and its stakeholders.

Cyber Shadow Breaking™


Many Threat Actors invest heavily in reconnaissance to map your organization’s dependencies. The information is often critical to them achieving their effects. It ought to be equally important to you in preventing those effects.

Clearly understanding the organization’s critical dependencies upon its information and underlying IT infrastructure is essential to making informed cybersecurity decisions, both proactive (investments) and reactive (incident response).

Yet the current gap in this knowledge that exists in most organizations is a major factor contributing to Analyst ramp-up time, burnout, and turnover. It is also the major inhibitor to effectively communicating with business leaders, the C-team, and the board.

For effective decision-making, Context is Everything. Without it, you’re just guessing.  Phenomenati's Cyber ShadowBreaker™  service brings unprecedented contextual awareness to your most critical risk management decisions.


Conflict – Risk – Knowledge – Decisions


Whether you are just getting started, or are evolving your existing Cyber Security Operations... 

Our team can help you develop a practical way forward for securing your Organization.

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