PHENOMENATI™ Service Provider Alliances

 Cyber Security is definitely a team sport. As Adversaries continue to become more advanced, cyber defenders must develop increasingly more specialized expertise. Hunters, Analysts, Intelligence brokers, Operators, Incident Response specialists, Forensic teams, decision makers, communicators, etc.

Rarely does a single SecOps team, or service provider, have depth in all these emerging competency areas; so Partnerships become critical to maintaining an agile, effective defense. 

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Expanding Your Team

Sophisticated adversaries such as Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actors are not individuals. They have grown into large, well-connected networks of highly specialized players. To effectively defend against that, your SecOps team needs to build its own network of all-star players:

Developing and investing in core Alliances with premier Service Providers is a cornerstone of how we do, what we do, for our clients. To be the best, we know we have to surround ourselves with the best. And we do.