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Do you have a Vision for your Security Operations? Is it directly aligned with the Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery? Are there written Objectives you are expected to achieve? Have you documented what is in (and out of) the Scope of what you are expected to defend? How do you set and manage Expectations for the performance of your team?

Phenomenati’s Cybersecurity Strategy services will help you set Expectations, and deliberately plan the growth of your Security Operations, rather than simply react to it.

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Many Security Operations (SecOps) organizations are born out of necessity rather than deliberate design. Usually from humble beginnings in the Help Desk or Network Operations Center (NOC), tackling the occasional incident. 



 The days of isolated incident triage in the corner of the NOC are over. The threat today demands more discipline. The sheer volume, velocity, and variety of threat confronting businesses often results in a frenetic, chaotic evolution of an organization’s SecOps efforts.



The most successful SecOps teams are not simply cyber fire brigades. They are intentionally designed to support practical objectives, and built around a culture of continuous learning. Phenomenati’s Cybersecurity Strategy services were launched specifically to help organizations get in front of these challenges.


Practical Security Operations Planning

We work with our clients to layout a practical, executable strategy for deliberately managing the growth of their SecOps environment; guiding its evolution through each stage of its growth.

  • Clearly identifying the Scope of the environment the SecOps team is responsible for defending.
  • Establishing and communicating the set of reasonable Objectives the SecOps team are expected to achieve, and when.
  • Developing an initial, and regularly updated, Concept of Operations that guides how Security Operations works within the business.
  • Documenting, implementing, and evolving the set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which the SecOps organization follow.
  • Proactively preparing your Incident Response and Breach Response Plans.
  • And building a Staffing Strategy that can track and grow with the evolving demands of the business.


Conflict – Risk – Knowledge – Decisions

Whether you are just getting started, or are evolving your existing Cyber Security Operations... 

Our team can help you develop a practical way forward for securing your Organization.

It's Your Move


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