PHENOMENATI™ Cybersecurity Assessments

How do you assess the maturity or effectiveness of your current Security Operations? Where are your next major investments planned - staff, processes, enabling technologies? How will you measure the return on those investments?

Phenomenati’s Cybersecurity Assessments will help you establish a disciplined process for measuring and communicating progress as your SecOps organization matures.

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Building and growing an effective Security Operations (SecOps) organization is always challenging. Most evolve somewhat chaotically, but through a familiar series of stages driven by contemporary priorities - help desk, incident response, compliance-focused, prevention/detection, event overload, manual hunting, analytics enabled, intelligence driven, continuous learning, etc. 


As things evolve, your team will regularly need to identify/reassess objectives, prioritize investments, and demonstrate incremental progress.
The best approach is to establish a series of regular (e.g., quarterly, semi-annual) benchmarks, using one of the industry's many maturity models, frameworks, or standardized assessments

Measure Progress

Phenomenati’s Cybersecurity Assessments identify and execute these types of benchmark assessments, enabling you to measure on-going progress as your SecOps organization continues to grow.

SecOps Assessments


We work with our clients to select and apply appropriate industry benchmarks to assess and measure progress as your SecOps organization matures.

  • NIST 800-53
  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 2 Type 2
  • etc.

These assessments provide the foundation for…

  • identifying and prioritizing necessary investments,
  • measuring progress toward corporate objectives, and
  • demonstrating diligence and compliance required by industry auditors and insurers.