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An Interview with Jeanne Hopkins, EVP/CMO at Ipswitch (and Phenomenati Advisory Board Member)

Phenomenati Press Release, September 27, 2017

Lead(H)er - Jeanne Hopkins, EVP and CMO at Ipswitch

As Ipswitch’s Executive VP and CMO, she’s responsible for the global marketing and demand creation for their products. She also oversees the content team, product marketing, website, analytics, and marketing operations.

“You have to stay ahead of the curve, and I think that many marketing people are kind of stuck in one area—they might be brand people, they might be product people. It’s funny, the stuff you knew five years ago is not relevant today. There are parts of it that might be relevant but you have to constantly be searching for the next thing that is going to be able to take you to the next level. There are a lot of cool tools out there that you can make part of your tech stack that could deliver better results at a lower price, helping you to fund the marketing programs that allow you to get the leads for the sales team.”

Phenomenati's Scott Foote speaks at Harvard on "Leadership and Risk Intelligence

Phenomenati Press Release, September 7, 2017

SIM Boston Education Roundtable, Farkas Hall, Harvard University

While technology plays a big part in protecting an organization’s information assets, research has long demonstrated that a more significant factor is the awareness and engagement of the leadership and the user community. In today’s complex and volatile cyber environment, the most successful leaders make swift, informed decisions based on context-driven risk intelligence.

Join us for an engaging and educational panel discussion on “Leadership and Risk Intelligence” featuring Larry Wilson (CISO, UMass), Sandy Silk (Dir of Information Security, Harvard), and Scott Foote (Founder, Managing Director of Phenomenati).

Ipswitch Blog: Interview with Scott Foote on Blockchain's Disruption of the Financials Industry

Phenomenati Press Release,  August 3, 2017

How Will Blockchain Disrupt the Financials Industry?

As blockchain technology picks up speed in various areas of the business world, more and more people are trying, and often failing, to fully understand just what blockchain is. That’s the way it is with new technology: it’s a complete mystery until it becomes simple enough for the public to use without having to understand the gritty details. Blockchain technology is no different.

To gain a better understanding of the upcoming technology myself, I spoke with Scott Foote, founder of Phenomenati, with hopes that his wealth of knowledge on blockchain technology would offer some clarity. For now, we’ll focus on three main concepts in the context of the financial industry: how blockchain works, its impacts on the financial industry, and its adoption into general usage.

Phenomenati Advisor Carson Zimmerman to Speak at 2017 Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit

Phenomenati Press Release,  July 26, 2017

The R-CISC is giving you a sneak peek of the 2017 Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit’s featured speakers! Join us October 3-4 in Chicago for Securing Retail, an opportunity for members of the greater retail and consumer services industries – including restaurants, hospitality, convenience stores and more – to share best practices, gain insights, and network with other information security professionals.

Risk Group, LLC "Risk Roundup" - Cyber Security Risk Intelligence

Phenomenati Press Release,  July 24, 2017

What does Cyber-Security Risk Intelligence mean to different stakeholders and decision makers? And how has that evolved over time? That was the topic of discussion in this episode of Dr. Jayshree Pandya's Risk Roundup.

Today, more than ever, cyber-security risk intelligence must provide information that can be acted upon by NGIOA decision makers, if it is going to be deemed of value in cyberspace, geospace and space. Having said that, it is one thing to gather security risk data and extract information but an entirely different thing to turn that information into meaningful and actionable intelligence.

Our guest on this week's Risk Roundup is Scott Foote, founder of Phenomenati LLC, a cybersecurity startup that is uniquely focused on delivering their clients comprehensive, actionable intelligence that goes beyond Threats and Vulnerabilities and incorporates both specific Consequences and relevant Countermeasures.

VelocityHUB webinar: Leadership and Risk Intelligence

Phenomenati Press Release,  June 20, 2017

VelocityHUB's Kim Crider was joined by cybersecurity industry leaders Scott Foote, Managing Director at Phenomenati, and Gerry Beuchelt, CISO at LogMeIn for a panel style discussion of concepts to help today’s Leaders better address Risks to their organizations due to cyber threats. Topics included:

Decomposition of abstract Risk into addressable components using the “Risk Formula”: Threats, Vulnerabilities, Consequences. Blending Qualitative & Quantitative assessments of Risk.

Recognition of the continuous evolution along the “Threat Phenomena Spectrum”™: from Novelty to Commodity. And where automated decisions (Security Automation) applies, and doesn't.

Addressing the 3 corners of the “CISO Decision Triad”™ for today’s CISO: Reactive, Proactive, and Reporting.

Using the “5 What Imperatives”™ as a framework to build Critical Context for decision making.

And fusing the “7 Vectors of Cyber Risk Intelligence”™ to build and maintain real-time, decision-quality intelligence.