Augmented Intelligence for Cyber Security Operations

In the ever-evolving chess-game of cyber conflict… Context is Everything.

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Taming the Chaos of Security Operations

Security Operations everywhere are struggling with increasing Analyst ramp-up, burn-out, and turnover.

Artificial Intelligence


The latest evolution of Security Automation solutions espouses “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) capabilities directly intended to address these challenges by improving the Efficiency of Security Operations, reducing the burden on Analysts through automation.

These solutions promise more Monitoring data can be continuously collected, categorized, normalized, and analyzed by AI algorithms looking for either known or anomalous patterns that may be indicative of attacks or compromises. [Essentially, Intrusion Detection.] Assuming no false positives, this automated Detection can then (Prioritize? and) Dispatch validated incidents on to automated Selection of appropriate, pre-tested, validated Response countermeasures from a corporate “Playbook”; based on the assumption that the automatically selected Response itself will not disrupt any critical business function. [Essentially, Intrusion Prevention.] Ideally, reducing the manual burden on your Analysts, freeing them to focus on the more complex, sophisticated attacks from Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actors. The concept is clear - automatically reduce the noise, improve efficiencies. 

Augmented Intelligence


Once you’ve got your Security Operations running more efficiently, your next evolution should be to look for “Augmented Intelligence (the other "AI" in Cybersecurity). Specifically to improve the Effectiveness of your Analysts as they wrestle with the continuously mutating, novelty attacks from sophisticated APT.

Augmented Intelligence solutions gather, integrate, fuse, and correlate various streams of Intelligence (rather than raw data); presenting your Analysts with the critical Context they need to inform their decisions. Context that automatically connects Assets, Vulnerabilities, Threats, Phenomena (events and anomalies), Consequences (e.g., business impact), and Options/Countermeasures, in both Cyberspace and Time. 

In the ever-evolving chess-game of cyber conflict…

Context is Everything.

Context Demands Answers

The 5 What Imperatives™


In parallel with your automated incident detection and response, your Analysts will better manage the evolution of novel, complex incidents as they unfold. Being automatically provided, in real-time, with answers to the most elusive of cyber defense questions – 

the 5 What Imperatives™:

  • What?
    What are the organization’s “crown jewels”? What will an adversary target first, second, next, or last? What indicators and behaviors should we be looking for?
  • So What?
    Can we immediately and automatically prioritize events, alerts, and especially Incidents, by automatically identifying their possible impact (Risk) to the business?
  • What Else?
    What else is this specific Threat Actor doing across my environment? Can we automatically connect the dots, across time and cyberspace, to better assess intent?
  • Now What?
    What relevant countermeasure options are available? Are those tested/validated? Can we automatically build a Decision Space of viable options for the Analyst?
  • What If?
    Can an Analyst perform automated What-if? analyses on either Incidents or available Countermeasures, to proactively prepare for real-world events?

Automating the answers to these types of questions, Augmented Intelligence will empower your Analysts to ignore the noise, focus on the highest Risk, and bring their best game to the fight.

Optimizing Security Operations

To achieve lasting improvements to Analyst ramp-up, burn-out, and turnover, you need to address BOTH the Efficiency and the Effectiveness of your Security Operations.

Artificial Intelligence can help reduce the noise, and accelerate response times for Commodity incidents as they unfold.

But Augmented Intelligence is required to automatically provide the critical Context your Analysts need to tackle the highest risk, most sophisticated situations.

It’s your move. 


Conflict – Risk – Knowledge – Decisions

Whether you are just getting started, or are evolving your existing Cyber Security Operations... 

Our team can help you develop a practical way forward for securing your Organization. 

It's Your Move


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